Guide: How to win at college basketball betting

1 March 2019
by admin


NCAA betting is like any sports betting, but there are a few main categories of sports bets: moneylines, spreads, teasers, totals, and futures.

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A college basketball bet on a moneyline basis boils down to one thing: winners and losers. For example, if you’re betting Western Kentucky is going to win over Rice, and Rice has a +200 rating, that means they’re the underdog, and you’ll double your money. Think of the + / – as a percentage, and that covers your win. In this case, the favorite doesn’t usually give you the best payout.


When you’re betting on the spread in NCAA Basketball, you have to be a bit more precise–a spread bet determines the difference in points between the winners and losers. For example, if you have Syracuse beating Virginia Tech, that’s a moneyline bet. But if you have Syracuse beating VT by 20 points (+20), that’s a spread bet. The closer you get to the actual point spread, the better the payout.


Teaser bets take a bit of commitment but are a great way to shift the odds in your favor when you bet on college basketball. For example, take Syracuse vs. VT again. A six-point teaser is going to better your odds, and you’d have to play a two-game parlay. Make sure your spreads are covered to win. The more points in your teaser, the more games you’ll have to parlay. It all sounds a bit like pirate-talk, but a parlay essentially means you’re spreading out your odds by playing more than one game at a time. If you’re really good, you might just land all of your parlays, which can increase your winning odds by a considerable amount.


When you think of Totals when betting on NCAA basketball, it’s just another way of talking about over under betting. You’re gonna be betting on the number of total points scored. The reason why they call it an over-under bet is that it’s a bit like The Price Is Right–you’re gonna have to be more accurate than the house on what the point total is gonna be. Therefore, you guess the point total and make sure you’re not too far over or too far under. Remember, if you’re an NBA fan getting into college basketball betting, the point totals are often much lower than in professional ball.


Futures is a pretty straightforward part of NCAA basketball betting– you just bet on what you think might happen. This can be anything from the national player of the year to the conference champion–it plays out a lot slower, more like holding stock market positions rather than the fast-paced day trading of college basketball betting. If you expect one underdog player to break ahead of the pack and stand out, place a futures bet on them.

A Look At Your College Basketball Odds

Listen, betting involves risk. There’s no special system, no secret formula, and we’re not promising anything of the sort. What we do at College Basketball Betting is to give you the most up-to-date information regarding the world of NCAA betting, and let you make an informed choice on how and where you’re going to spend your hard-earned money. As long as you make sure you’re playing for fun and you are watching your ratings, NCAA betting is a great way to add new excitement into your sports experience. Follow your favorite teams and root for the underdog, and keep checking in with us here at College Basketball Betting for the sportsbooks offering the best odds. Keep an eye out for your lines– essentially, any college basketball line bet is going to involve two teams and a handicap, which will even out the perceived difference in the two teams’ overall playing ability. Make sure you get a good variance in your bets– don’t bet only on positively handicapped teams, for example.

Handicap Betting In College Basketball: A Quick Look

Get a handle on moneyline betting before you start getting into handicap betting because it will require you to follow the conferences closely to get an idea of underdogs and favored teams. In handicap betting you get a chance to win even if your team isn’t a favored team–they’re going to be giving a handicap rating that you can use to your advantage. When you’re betting on handicap, you’re going to see a positive or negative value next to your team’s rating. This might change the outcome of the handicap. Take the following game for example: Western Kentucky: (+8.5) 8.110 Rice University: (-8.5) 4.420 On a Rice University victory, say of 104-100, those handicap wagers would not be winners. We have to subtract that 8.5 from the total outcome. Take a close look at the handicaps before you make your wagers because handicap betting takes into account the overall handicap after the final score is totaled.

Tips Betting On NCAA Basketball

No win is a guarantee when you’re betting on college basketball. However, the best thing you can do is keep yourself informed, pay attention to the games, and keep loving the best game on earth. If you want to be potentially rewarded for your passion and devotion to college basketball, stay abreast of all the details with college basketball betting. We’ll let you know what kind of bets you’re making and give you the most up-to-date information possible. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Follow Your Players

Your center is injured? You need to know. Does point guard have elbow surgery? Make sure you’re aware. Most sports fans don’t need to be told this but throw some notifications on your phone so you can keep informed and ready when you need to make changes to your bets. Most sportsbooks are going to give you up to date information on ratings and handicaps, but to be sure, check back with us here at College Basketball Betting for the best info on where to go next. Just keep loving the game, and we’ll take care of the rest.

A Few Key Stats To Keep In Mind

Turnover stats are some of the most important numbers to follow in NCAA basketball betting. But, like any high-statistical study, there is such a thing called “analysis paralysis”. Trust your gut, and more importantly, keep following the stats. You’ll make the right decisions along the way, and check in with the professionals at College Basketball Betting to be sure you’re headed in the right direction.

Watch Your Lines

Lines don’t mean the positions of the players, but rather the moneylines. News might come out that Syracuse, the clearly dominant team (currently rated at +200), has all come down with the flu, and within minutes their rating drops 300 points to -100. Anything can happen if you’re not paying attention to your moneylines. You’re going to be seeing a lot of new NCAA betting apps coming out promising bonuses and extras, and we’ll make sure you are kept on top of who is offering the best promos. Also, you can be sure that we’ll test all of these college basketball betting apps for who is putting out the most secure products with the best options for placing wagers and winning when your favorite teams win! We make it easy to keep track of the ever-changing market of NCAA basketball betting and make the best choices for your budget, lifestyle, and play style. Here’s the deal–it’s your job to stay on top of the numbers. At College Basketball Betting, we’re going to point you in the right direction.

Guide: How to win at college basketball betting
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